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Not sure what to do in Lanzarote? Visiting El Golfo is a great option full of incredible landscapes.

I will tell you the best way to make the most of your visit to El Golfo, in Lanzarote.

El Golfo is a charming little fishing village near the natural park of Timanfaya, in the south of Lanzarote. The contrast of the ash and red colours of the volcanoes with the intense blue of the sea, and the small white houses, reveal an outstanding, energetic landscape. This is the energy that we wanted to represent in this magnet. So you don't forget the best way to visit Lanzarote.
charco de los clicos lago verde

“El Golfo is and has been one of the favourite locations of directors for the filming of many series and movies.”


El Golfo is on the edge of the natural park of Los Volcanes, a volcanic landscape created by the eruptions of 1824 and surrounds the national park of Timanfaya, hence its dark colours, black sandy beaches, and red mountains. Although it is a small town of only 194 inhabitants, it is surrounded by interesting places you can't miss.

charco de los clicos lanzarote - yaizart

“Did you know that the Charco de los Clicos was named after a type of bivalve mollusc called ‘clico’?”

The Charco de los Clicos is a small crescent-shaped bay where the "green lake" is located. It is the crater of a volcano partially submerged in the Atlantic Ocean, and its famous green lake, which is formed by the seepage of the sea through the volcanic ash. Therefore, it has a high concentration of sulphur, which promotes the appearance of photosynthetic algae that give the lake its emerald, green colour. In short, a contrast of colours that you can admire from the small viewpoint just two minutes from the village.

puddle of the clicos in the gulf lanzarote - yaizart

But the green lake is not the only spectacle that El Golfo offers. About five minutes away by car, along the beautiful cliff road heading south, you can stop for a swim at Playa Bermeja, a beach full of energy and colour. But beware of the strength and currents of this beach.

“The "hervideros", stone carved by the fury of the ocean. The sea on one side, the cliffs in the centre and the volcanoes of the Timanfaya Natural Park in the background, an area that sums up the essence the experiential tourism on the island of Lanzarote.”


A few metres further on, you will find a large car park and the imposing cliffs of Los Hevideros. Can you guess why they are called that? On days when the sea is rough, it is incredible to see the water boiling against the rocks, rising against them with a deep roar and releasing all that energy with which it slowly forms deeper and deeper caves.

And that's not all, because the salt flats of Janubio are only a couple of minutes away. There you can learn about the culture and trade of salt in Lanzarote, go to the viewpoint, take a bit of salt with you, and even swim in the large volcanic sandy beach of Janubio.

Janubio salt flats - yaizart

“Up to 70 species of migratory birds have been catalogued, which take advantage of the salt flats to rest and feed, which is why it has been declared a Special Protection Area for Birds”

Both the salt pans and the entire coast of El Golfo up to the Natural Park of Timanfaya, is full of seabirds that feed and nest in the area, many of them protected, such as shearwaters, making this natural area perfect for those who want to live a tourism related to Ecotourism in Lanzarote. 

In short, both the village of El Golfo and all that surrounds it are a must to enjoy quality tourism in Lanzarote, we had to dedicate a memory in the shape of a magnet without a doubt.

My experience visiting El Golfo

I find the entire coast of the Golfo wonderful; it has spectacular energy, the contrast of colours, the strength of the sea, the culture of the salt mines, the delicious gastronomy of the restaurants in the village, … I strongly believe it is a part of Lanzarote that deserves a day of your trip.

My recommendation is to start the route from the south, admire the salt pans, visit the birds that walk around there and feel the black sand of the Janubio beach on your feet. Then pay a visit to the Hervideros, stroll along the steep viewpoints and feel the power of the sea.
Park at Playa Bermeja and visit one of the most filmed beaches on the island of Lanzarote. Taste the fresh fish in the restaurants in the village of El Golfo and pay a visit to the viewpoint of Charco de los Clicos.

Charco de los clicos sunset - yaizart
el golfo lanzarote
acceso lago verde

green lake

If you are more adventurous and still have some energy left, take a hike in search of natural pools. There is a well-sheltered one called El Caletón.

Finally, after touring the Golfo area at your own pace, I recommend you choose the spot you liked best and admire the sunset while.

bermeja sunset - yaizart
Bermeja beach sunset - yaizart
By Yaiza Parra

Now, you know the best way to do tourism in El Golfo, in Lanzarote. Do not miss other plans to do in Lanzarote on the blog.

iman el golfo

“This magnet of El Golfo shows the crater of the volcano of Charco de los Clicos, with its reddish rocks and walls, the black sandy beaches and the contrast with the blue sea and the green lake”