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A great plan to do in Lanzarote is to taste its exquisite cuisine. The wrinkled potatoes are one of the delicacies that the island of Lanzarote offers you.

Papas con mojo belong to the select club of the seven gastronomic wonders of Spain. How could we not dedicate them this special souvenir to take home?

papas con mojo delante del mar

Did you know that there are 43 varieties of Canarian potatoes?

papa lanarote

Papas "arrugás" are a typical dish of the Canary Islands and owe their name to the way they are cooked.

The secret is to boil the potatoes without peeling them, adding a lot of salt, so that when they are ready and once the excess water has been removed, a layer of salt remains on them. The salt dehydrates the skin, and it becomes wrinkled.

wrinkled potatoes with mojo - Yaizart

Although this is the recipe we follow today, the original method was slightly different. Back when Canarian People had little in the pantries to feed their families, they would boil the potatoes with seawater or, as we say in the Canary Islands, "sancochar la papa".

Because happiness is often in the little things, and if they come with mojo, so much the better!

The "papas bonitas" are the potatoes used for wrinkling and although we usually like the smallest ones, there are bigger ones, red, black, white, sores and even the ones called "ojos de perdiz" (partridge eyes).

If you want to enjoy Canarian gastronomy as it deserves, try them. They are small, wrinkled, with an unmistakable appearance and flavour, and are part of the ethnographic and gastronomic heritage of the Canary Islands.



Canarian potato crop field - Yaizart
Canarian potato cultivation - Yaizart

Potatoes with mojo have become an unmistakable mark of identity of the Canary Islands and that is why we thought it necessary to dedicate them this magnet.

My experience tasting “papas arrugás con mojo”

The only thing I can tell you is that they are delicious. My favourite is mojo rojo, red and spicy, served with beer, on a terrace with family and friends... What else could you ask for?

potatoes with mojo and a mojito on a beach - Yaizart
By Yaiza Parra

Now you know one of the delicacies that you cannot miss on your trip to Lanzarote. You have more plans and ideas of what to do during your stay in Lanzarote visiting our blog.

What can I tell you about this souvenir? A few wrinkled potatoes, with their mojito and served in a clay pot. Simple, perfect and delicious.